Blackjack console game (continued)

Posted on: Saturday, Mar 15, 2014

blackjack cardsIn the next week of the Ruby online bootcamp over at the Tealeaf Academy, you have to recreate the Blackjack game using  an object oriented approach. Having worked as a Java Software Engineer before, this isn’t much of a problem to me.

I’ve implemented the objects and spruced up the ASCII art even more then the previous version.

You can find the code over at my Github repository blackjack-console in the blackjack-oop folder. If you’re blessed with a Mac computer (or you’ve installed Ruby yourself), you can start the game via the command ruby blackjack.rb.

For everybody else, here is a slide show of the gameplay:

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(note; you can click to the next picture by using the slideshow controls that appear when you point your mouse cursor on the picture)